I play soccer year round. Indoor on artificial FieldTurf from Nov - May and outdoor grass May - Nov.

Sometime last Feb when playing indoor I believe is when something happened. I recently had an x-ray done with no bone damage but could not rule out ligament damage unless going to a specialist.

If I hold my toe down with my hand and try push flex it upwards it is painful and you can hear it cracking like ligaments or something. I cannot flex it back like I can with my other foot and have lost the range of motion.

I continue to play however. Any ideas?
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replied May 23rd, 2011
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Hey man, I actually had the same situation you had. I injured my pinky toe (Not sure if yours is ur big toe) and continued to play. I can't flex it up or down, plus it does hurt when i put weight on it (mine hurts at the side as well). I had x-rays and nothing showed. So another doctor sent me for a second round of x-rays and it showed as dislocated (maybe go for ultrasound as well?). After that u go for an MRI. So i had surgery and now have 3weeks more till I can play again. So chances are its dislocated, but the problem is if you don't fix it now (while ur young), it could develop into arthritis when your older. Plus, the surgery doesn't hurt at all, u just have to walk around with sound big shoe for a about 6weeks then another month for full healing.
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replied May 25th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

A specific problem when playing an artificial turf is a problem call "turf toe". It is not a bony disorder, but rather a soft tissue one. It is from the sudden stopping on the turf, as the shoe stops but the foot continues in the shoe and the toes can actually get crammed into the toe of the shoe. This is not a one time injury, but rather a small problem over and over.

This can be a very nagging problem (and has actually ended the careers of some high level pro athletes). There is a tapping job that can be done to help. If you have a trainer with your team, ask him/her about it.

Good luck.
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