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Toe curling

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For a few months I have been noticing something is not quite right with my toes and feet. I find that after I have been sat down for a while and then get up to walk, it feels as though my little toes and outside part of my feet want to curl under. This causes me quite a bit of pain on the toes, and the top and bottom of the feet and it is difficult to walk, but It usually eases off within a minute or so. It almost feels as though my toes are gripping the ground really tightly.

I have also noticed that when standing or sitting I sometimes rest the outside part of my feet on the ground so I am not actually putting pressure on the bottom of my feet. This is something very new and I never used to do this. I live in a very warm climate and am usually bare foot or in flip flops and have put it down to the fact that my toes are forced to grip the floor or the flip flops. If this is the case, what shoes are best recommended? If this is not the case, what could be the cause and what can I do to correct the problem and ease the pain?

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