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Toddler throws up when crys

Toddler throws up when crys its very distressing once he starts crying there is no stopping him for some reason, i have a problem with displine he just crys and eventually throws up if i move him away from somethig, i have tried ignoring it and letting him get on with it but he just dont stop and continues to throw up till nothing left.Help anythin i can do
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replied August 24th, 2010
My middle babe did this. I was told that I had to stay very calm, move slowly and clean and change her without saying a word. I had to do this for quite a while. Eventually it worked. It is hard work. As long as you regularly feed, clean and love him your doing a job.

Distraction/fidget toys work well to, flashing balls, squishy toys, get a few and distract him before it starts. I have a treasured box of these toys.
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