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Toddler almost 2 possible stimming?

My son is a year and a half and about 18 months I realized he was OBSESSED with saying the word CAR. it got to the point where other words he would say before he no longer really says even though i know he can, for example the word door.

when we go out everything (unless it is a tree) he calls a car. he says car car car car...over and over again...I thought it was bc I say hold my hand we have to watch out for cars...but it is at the point wehre he touches parked cars, all over obsessed with garages and waits for cars to go in and out.

Aside from this, he really never plays with wheels or spins wheels, but he is just now getting little cars as toys (small toy parts were a no no)so i have to observe that action.

He spins around a lot and shakes his head to get dizzy for a long time and often during the day and week,months... i always assumed he was playing. He also has this funny walk and has done it more lately he shuffles and toe walks at different points.mostly shuffles. he will get mad easily and yell/scream ball his fists and stand on his tippy toes??

he screams to get my attention (i think) instead of using words like more or sippy but he will open the fridge and scream.

If I tell him to stop slamming cabinets he throws a temper tantrum and might bite his arm and lays on the ground flailing.

He is biting his nails for like a month now all day through out the day and legit until he falls asleep, yet never had binky or sucking a thumb and is off the bottle.

I figured terrible twos with the fits, and the nail biting a nervous habit...but now I am freaking out because a program director asked me if I ever heard of EI and if I talked to my doctor about his milestones??

He says words, but seems to have lost some of them or is obsessed with others
but he NEVER cuddles unless it is on his terms, but he is a boy he is hyper and he almost never sits still unless it is a song or tv show he LOVES.

what do you think?
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replied September 24th, 2012
I forgot to mention when he plays with toys, he just sort of destroys his entire room and he likes ot empty all his toys out but over his head, evne if it is not a small or soft toy.

He isnt super social with other kids but he is still little so im not sure if it is a delay but at times when i try at home to play with him he seems really fixed on one thing and if i talk to him he yells or throws the toy or gets mad almost as if i am over stimulating him
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replied August 13th, 2013
Yes, these are possible signs of the autism spectrum. What we know is the earlier one gets diagnoses and mediation/training/therapy/instructional techniques, the better the baby/child's life will be.
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replied February 13th, 2014
Just to end the thread, my son did in fact get a dx of moderate ASD on July 8th of 2013
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