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To what degree should we be 'Gluten Free'?

Hi, I am posting this on behalf of my wife, who was recently diagnosed with Celiac Disease.

To give some background, my wife first decided to seek out medical attention for some abdominal pains and a bit of 'choking' sensation in her throat. At the time, she also seemed to have anxiety and a bit of depression (which is something I have noticed now, looking in retrospect, but at the time I had no idea this could be related to gluten intolerance). She also has eczema, so she's always had skin issues, but they seemed to persist without explanation for longer than usual.

She went to see a GP who did a blood test indicating that she could be gluten intolerant. She was then referred to a Gastro specialist who did an endoscopy and colonscopy, confirming her gluten intolerance.

However, we have just started being on a gluten free diet, but we're not sure how 'strict' we need to be. I have heard that people go as far as keeping a gluten free bathroom, and not eating poultry that have been fed gluten. How do we know if we need to take it to that extent?

I would say that prior to diagnosis, my wife was in discomfort - but not to the point of it being intolerable (though her skin irritations are still bothering her and had seemed to be getting worse), so is it just a matter of avoiding gluten to the extent of her feeling symptom free? Or is there some other measure we should follow?

She is due for a blood test again in 6 months.

Also, is what is the likelihood that she has been wrongly diagnosed with celiac disease? Is it generally worth getting a 2nd opinion about?

Many thanks in advance for any suggestions.
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replied August 6th, 2013
Well here is the answer, gluten intolerance causes an immune response where the small intestine destroys itself from within. Without this organ you can not digest food, then you die. So the real question, is, do you want to live.....?
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