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TMJD Diet Question

What can you eat?
Anything I want to.
Anything, except for really hard stuff like jawbreakers or nuts.
Soft foods only.
Only stuff I can swallow without chewing.
Liquid diet only.
33%  33%  [ 2 ]
50%  50%  [ 3 ]
0%  0%  [ 0 ]
0%  0%  [ 0 ]
16%  16%  [ 1 ]
Total Votes : 6
Hello, I am new here and wanted to introduce myself. I am 31 and have had TMJD for over 10 years now. I have tried everything short of surgery (and I mean everything) but nothing seems to work. I am taking strong pain medications, and they help with the pain, but not my other symptoms.

Besides constant 7/10 to 10/10 pain, I can only open my mouth about 1.5 cm, have hearing loss, itchy ears, depression (from constant pain), and am now on a liquid diet.

I have a stupid primary care person who says she is not allowed to increase the dose of my medications, only the pain clinic can, but the pain clinic says the idiot needs to change my doses, not them. Mad

So, here's my questions: I am sick of chocolate milk shakes and chicken soup broth. Anyone out there have any ideas for liquid or really really soft foods? I want something new and different in my diet!

What are your eating limitations, and what novel ideas have you come up with to keep food interesting and nutritious?
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replied September 29th, 2008
I'd suggest that you look into juicing.

There are great combination with vegetables that will help you with nutrients ... and can taste good. One example:

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replied November 28th, 2008
When my TMJ was at its worth,I bought a blender and I would feed myself only with juices and smoothies. I am a meat lover and I sometimes craved a good steak so I blended meat a few times. That was the only way I could feed myself...
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