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TMJ treatment for ringing ears ?

I've been to my ENT numerous times for hearing tests and new herbal drugs for my ears ringing. I also feel like I get ear infections a lot, but the doctor can never see a problem in my ear. A family member was diagnosed with TMJ recently, so I started looking it up online to see what it was. Turns out I have a lot of the symptoms, but ringing ears is by far affecting me the most. The left side of my jaw pops twice every time I open my mouth too far or yawn, while the right side clicks and grinds when chewing. My jaw often gets too tired when trying to eat chewy things. When I yawn, other people can actually hear my jaw popping. It seems pretty clear that I am experiencing TMJ, but more than anything I want relief for the ringing. So my question is, will treatment help the ringing? I don't have insurance right now so I can wait out the popping and tired jaw, but I would seek help if it is likely to help my ears, as it takes forever just to fall asleep with constant ringing (even with TV, radio, fans, etc).
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