Hey Friends!
I have Had neck and back issues for 16 years. Drunk driver hit our car going 100 MPH.

Last February I started noticing my pulse in my left ear. Then fullness, pain and dizziness started.

Went to Dr, she thought TMJ and Neck issues was the issue.
Started Chiro again.
Went to dentist (worst dentist ever) he told me, "well it could be, I don't know"...
Went to ENT, they did and MRI. Things look normal.

Now After almost a year, Im thinking TMJ.
Going to a specialist next month but it's sooooo expensive. I don't even know if this is the right thing to do.

The "off balance and feeling disconnected" is the worst!

I have had most of my back molars on the bottom removed. Maybe that's why?

Has anyone else had these issues?
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