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TMJ Pain related to Lexapro?

In January 2012, I started getting a soreness/pain in my jaw around the joint on the right side of my face. Sometimes it would hurts, and other times it is quite painful. It feels incredibly sore, as if it is being overworked. I started taking Advil and Aleve like it was candy, and it somewhat helped. After a while, I went to my dentist, and he said my teeth showed signs of grinding at night, so he gave me a mouth guard. The guard does nothing for my pain, but at least it protects my teeth. Next, I went to my doctor, who told me to take a muscle relaxant every night for 30 days, and see if that helps. It didn't. Then, I went to an Oral Surgeon, who said maybe it had to do with a wisdom tooth that should come out (on the LEFT side of my face) because it could be affecting my bite. Maybe he is correct, but he also said he didn't think it would work, and I do not have what people call "tmjd." He said I have a muscle issue. But why not try, he said. OK. Now I have changed doctors, and I am meeting with him Monday. And, I am putting off the wisdom tooth removal until after I speak to my new doctor. After 29 years of no jaw issues, suddenly it has taken over my life.

Finally, to my question: I took Lexapro (20mg) every day for around 5 years, and I decided about a year ago to wean myself off it. I did it very gradually, over the course of months. I was finally finished in January of this year. Is it a coincidence that this jaw pain arrived right after I stopped taking Lexapro? Is it possible that my body reacts to stress differently without the Lexapro, causing pain in my jaw? Over the course of the last week, I have also started getting stiff neck pains (on the same side as my joint pain). If I go back on it, is it possible that this pain with subside? I will try anything at this point.
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