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TMJ, Herniated discs

I came across this forum and wanted to ask a question or two Smile I was in an auto accident 25 years ago, slammed into a windshield. Hospital said i had a concussion and no further treatment was given.

6 or 7 years ago I started having terrible pain between my shoulders, doctor did an MRI found out I have 3 herniated discs. My treatment has mainly been chiropractic when it gets to the point of not being able to stand the pain.

I also started getting what felt like an earache on my right side, dentist said I had TMJ syndrome made a deprogrammer/ mouthpiece for me and this stopped the ear pain for awhile.

Last year I started having trouble with the right side of my body, hand going numb, toe going numb, leg feeling tired all the time, this is also the side I have problems with the TMJ. My doctor checked me for MS and the results of all the tests were inconclusive. He gave me a steroid treatment and things got better for awhile.

Now the ear pain has started back along with sore throat feeling on the right side with back and neck pain. hands not going numb although middle finger on right hand gets sore and big toe on right foot goes numb.

I dont believe I have MS, I think it is either my TMJ problems or the herniated discs. Doc has given me pain medicine for when it gets bad and has suggested surgery, I think there is an explanation for the pain and they are all related. can TMJ cause the major problems like the numbness?
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