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TMJ disorders

I had two upper central veneers
I noticed a premature contact on one of the veneers but was lazy to go adjust it immediately
After a while I went and grinded from the ceramic to adjust the occlusion
Then two weeks later i felt the same premature contact though i just adjusted it
I also went to the dr. To grind more then a while after i then felt wrong bite
Now its 5 month since i put my veneers , i wake up with tmj pain and wrong bite
My occlusion is mainly on the the two central with no contact on molars
Though i started with a premature contact on one tooth , its now on the 2 palatal faces of centrals
And my bite changes during day , sometimes this contact disappears amd sometimes its worse
I went 2 dayz ago to a tmj specailist he advised to start with a reversible treatment , to wear a nightguard to relax my muscles that will then restore my occlusion
I cant grind more of my teeth , i've been grinding of my natural tooth not the ceramic and still contact , its a muscle problem .. dont know what to do ? And magbe i didnt clear my problem well to you but i hope you understand what im facing and hope you have solutions
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