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TMJ disorders, condylar resorption & bite problems!

Hi, I am new in this forum, I just want people to listen and give me advice about my problems.

I developed TMJ arthritis at age 13 and had it for 3 years without pain or discomfort (until now of course).

The first time I had it was terrible, it cause my right side jaw locking, tightness, pain inside, etc... but it all passed after 2 weeks.

then, I had painless jaw cliking for 3 years, all the discomfort was gone, but TMJ hasn't, even though I started getting mild bruxism along with TMJ, I ignored it, I sometimes clenched my teeth at night which caused my right jaw to lock, but usually opened it with pressing my right hand to the left and it would usually unlock itself.

so I lived like that until March 14, I knew my arthritis was back, as the days went on this weird / mild jaw ache ended up by shrinkage of my lower jaw which I can def. sense this days, I had panic attacks, I was like: WHAT IS WRONG WITH MY JAWS? and everyone in my family calmed me and cheered me up, telling me that we would visit the doctor soon. I have been to 3 orthodontists, 1 of them gave me bite-plate which DIDN'T work, I have also been to an oral surgeon on exact same day (March 14) when my jaw changes were at progress, but she though it would go away after putting some compresses on, which DIDN'T help at all, pain meds and massages did NOTHING either, because sometimes it wasn't the pain that bothered me, but the SHRINKAGE of my lower jaw which I felt was getting worse during the day, I looked up the internet trying to find everything about it, all I would hear was people complaining of headaches, jaw pain, neck pain, etc... and i was like what? i only have clicking, but my situation is WORSE, my mouth is shrinking!

since that day, my mouth and lower jaw remain like this, I am crying, dying, I feel like the most desperate on earth, my teeth are no longer the same, I am loosing space in my mouth (though i have no pain and still open 3 fingers), I am unable to talk and breath freely, can't eat anything due to my teeth being short by bruxism, I am developing an open bite, only my back teeth are closer and my front teeth don't touch or line up the way the USED TO, it is getting worse everyday, so I came to conclusion that, sadly, I have something called "Condylar Resorption" which contains one of my major disburbing symptoms: jaw shrinking, mouth / bite (occlusion) changing, difficulty moving jaw sideways, forward, eating, etc... (this is hell) and of course face changing too which no one else can see (except a skilled surgeon who im about 2 visit soon ^_^), I just CAN'T take this, I was always afraid of things like this, help me please, I am really afraid of any kind of jaw surgery, but jaw surgery at this point is my only treatment which is probably necessary.

I had taken panoramic xrays on March 14, but nothing was shown, two healthy jaws, but as the days went on, position of my jaws have changed, which means that I will need xrays, MRI, CT scans very soon, things "change" must be eliminated, I wanna get rid of it and get my old childhood jaw back which was healthier than anything else, please help me, give my advises, will joint replacement help?

how do people talk, or move their jaw with replacements? do they hurt? will my bite be back to normal? (cause thats what i wanna change, get my old bite back)

PLEASE, help me, will I be okay in future, I'm only 16, I heard doing jaw surgeries at this age in bad, because ur bones are STILL GROWING, but I feel like mines are shrinking, which was caused by my TMJ arthirtis I think.

PLEASE, help!
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replied August 16th, 2014
Janejordan- I'm so sorry to hear what you're going through. I cant offer any advice about consular reabsorption, at least not yet, as that diagnosis is new to me, but if its any comfort at all, I think you're taking the right steps. I would love to hear how your surgeon apptmt went, and if you can, search for any tmj support groups in your area. You may be able to find help from others, face to face. Again, I'm sorry for your pain and suffering.
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