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TMJ disorder? Wisdom tooth? What is it?

Hello please help me.
Last Sunday evening, i was eating popcorn when I suddenly felt it was getting harder to chew the popcorn. During dinner I found it hard to eat. Following days after I would start chewing and then feel my jaw slowly making it harder to continue. I didnt have any pain just a tender spot behind my ear lobe. Then two days ago, every time I would eat really anything, my mouth would tense up as if I ate something sour. (Mostly felt on my left side where my jaw soreness was) anyways, today is was checking inside of my mouth and I found a bump. I believe it's a Cranker sore. It hurts when I touch it also when I rub along my cheek on the outside it hurts. Now I feel like these two could be related However my jaw stiffness is still there even though a new problem occurred. (Cranker sore ) what does this mean??? I'm so scared. I have an appointment with my dentist on Monday but In the mean, I can't help but wonder. Once again, no pain from my chewing however now that there's a cranker sore, I feel pain where the cranker sore is located.
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