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TMJ disorder : clicking in right ear


I'm pretty sure I have TMJD: I tend to brux; awake with a stiff neck despite using orthopaedic pillow; my jaw is out of alignment; tired and headachey all the time; ringing in ears; dizziness.

Recently my symptoms have got worse, despite my doing gentle neck and shoulder exercises.

Strange thing is that if I press a certain point midway down my neck, on the right side, I get this clicking in my right ear, like knitting needles. It stops when I release the pressure.

I used to have osteo-cranial treatment privately, and can no longer afford it; my Primary Health Care Trust has told me it's highly unlikely I can get referred for free treatment.

Given the severity of the symptoms, and this clicking, should I find the money somehow for cranial osteopathy, or get heavy with my NHS Trust? Or will the symptoms subside if I continue with exercise and self-massage?

Thanks a lot in advance.

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replied September 16th, 2010
Hello Vera,

Do you know what bought on these symptoms? I suffer with stuffy ears in which the right one clicks when I breathe inwards. Do you also suffer ear pains and noise sensitivity, pulsating temple headaches and pain behind the eyes?
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