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TMJ disorder & bruxism // mouth guard changed my bite?

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I suffered from TMJ since 2013, probably caused by bruxism. My jaw was clicking & hurts during 2013 but after that I only have sore jaw sometimes. I started wearing a mouth guard to sleep in 2016 to prevent bruxism & thus teeth sensitivity. However, my mouth guard now has holes at the molars. So I wanted to get a new mouth guard. But the dentist discovered that my bite has worsened-there's a large gap bet. my upper & lower front teeth. Upon reading online, I found that many who wore a mouth guard also have worsened bite. I'm thinking that this is the case for me too. So, the dentist told me to get braces first.. What if I stop wearing the mouth guard? Will my bite improve itself? But I'm afraid of grinding my teeth flat+teeth sensitivity+sore jaw if I don't wear it... I read that mouth guard for TMJ & bruxism are different. Should I get one made of hard material instead of soft plastic type like my current one? Would that not worsen my bite?
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