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TMJ dislocation Both sides, degeneration, sever pain, 19yrs old

4 days ago I had an MRI to see why my already persistent TMJ was hurting more than normal. I've had problems with TMJ for 5 years or so. During the first 3 years is when NY jaw would lock open or closed, happened once every three months or so. The last two years has been constant clicking, popping and pain. It wasn't until around 3 months ago that I noticed it was getting worse. The MRI came back 2 days ago and I found out Both sides of my jaw are dislocated, and there is degeneration, slightly more severe on the left than right. The pain is to a point where I'll wake up and within an hour have a full blown mind numbing migraine. (There was a period of time around 4 years ago where I was diagnosed with chronic migraines, that was cured by antiseizure medications a year later) these migraines are nothing like I've ever had before though. My jaw hurts constantly and the pain has moved down my neck into my shoulder. I had braces for 5 years in elementary/high school.
I was given tramadol for the pain (it helps but could be a little better) but I am waiting to get an appointment with a oral surgeon.
I've looked all over the internet (it seems) but haven't been able to find anyone with stories about both side tmj dislocation. How will doctors most likely proceed and what should I do or not be doing until I get in to see the surgeon?
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replied December 3rd, 2016
i am also suffering from tmj/tmd 2 years now, i have problems to my rigth face's side. If your head's muscles (temps and masseters) pain all the time every day, i'm totaly can feel you.
However i have also pain to my neck muscles( i'm feel them tight and short). You know everyone who have jaw issues for years looking to internet and trying to find some doctors with patients
like him(i mean the same symtoms).The point is that ,as i notice, some doctors also dont know a lot of tmj.
I did in the past the treatment of night braces that u do and the only thing that braces helped was not to be damaged my theeths(which is a symptom). Braces never helped me to treat the reason of my tmj. So i find out a doctor in greece ( i live in greece) that helped me fix the massive pain of head's muscles . But its not enought ( neck pain, right eye pain and brain fog remaine until now).So i will probably visit doctor nick yiannios to arkasas. You know the problem is that tmj is too complicated so i can do the doctor of my self). My opinion is that more expert doctors (who LIVE ONLY from TMJ-PATIENTS's money) are realy few.
thank you
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