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Hi everyone, 4 weeks ago I started having pain in both sides of my tmj joints, that would raditate to the outside of my ears and make them feel full, like they were gonna explode, and it went under my ear, where its painful to touch and went just under the jaw line. Then 2 weeks ago the pain went away and has turned into a constant never ending burning sensation in only the left side, doesn't hurt more when I touch it. Its in my cheek to my ear and under the jaw line on both sides. My doctor said it was tmj but it doesnt hurt when I open my mouth or chew or talk. My jaw does make noises when I open it but it has since I was a teen. I am 28 now. Some have said fibromyalgia because I have problems with my arms, where they go numb and hurt and cause tightness around my breasts and I have a tightness in my upper stomach that makes me feel like I need to take a deep breath or yawn all the time and it has not gone away since my arms and chest starting getting stiff 16 months ago. My neck hurts and I get headaches in my forehead alot too. I sleep fine at night but feel so drained and sluggish all day long. Moving around can cause the tight spot in my stomach to get even tighter. I do have my full strength though, but sometimes when holding things my arms goes numb and it feels like whatever is in my arms actually isn't. A little over a year ago I had a chest and shoulder x-ray done, blood work, lung x-ray, have taker puffers and arthritis pills and acid pills, also wore a holter to monitor my heart for 24 hours and all came back fine. Just wondering does anyone else feel like me. I feel like I am starting to go crazy. Thanks.
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replied August 1st, 2013
TMJ caused me to have Dysfunction of the Eustachian tube (ETD).

try this, put your fingers in your ears, and move your jaw up and down, now you can feel how TMJ can cause ETD

See a chiropractor, you may have TMJ/TJMD (same thing) I had it for 2 years, along with nasal/ear/Eustachian tube dysfuntion. I tried lots of different therapies and then saw a chiropractor who cured me completely! I never thought it would be possible after 2 years but it was and it has changed my life.

Seriously, I suffered for 2 years and was contemplating suicide most days, please please please, see a chiropractor, get them to adjust your jaw, and if it works for you spread the word by any means possible!

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