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TMJ and Medical Marijuana

I've been suffering from TMJ for a couple of years now. It started out as a minor annoyance, but has grown exponentially to the point that I have a constant headache so bad that without constantly shoving advil down my throat I wouldn't be able to function, let alone continue college. The slightest movement of my jaw causes a painful pop or crack and I do lockup every now and again. I've tried many different remedies, mouthgaurds, self-massage, professional massage, a very expensive thing called an NTI (like a mouthgaurd, but supposedly better), I was even prescribed a low dosage of Flexoral that I ended up stopping because I felt it didn't work unless I popped a handful, plus I started noticing a dependency with it. None of this worked, in fact I've only gotten worse.

What I was wanting to know was, if there is any precedent for a chronic TMJ pain sufferer being prescribed medical marijuana (preferably in Montana as that is where I live). How bad does it have to be? Do I have to wait until the point I can't open/close my mouth before I qualify? And how do I find a doctor willing to talk to me about it. I tried my local physicians, and they either didn't know anything about the program, or actually started treating me differently for asking. (I'm assuming because I'm only 20, therefore I MUST be a pothead). Anyway, any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
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replied December 8th, 2008
Hi littleone. Those are great questions that you ask. Doctors and other caregivers should be able to prescribe marijuana to patients who, in their professional judgement, would benefit from its therapeutic effects, without fear of criminal, civil, or professional sanction.

The possibilities for cannabinoid medicines to use for treatment of chronic pain are very promising, and much research is being done at the moment. As new FDA-approved cannabinoid products become available, physicians and patients should have a scientific foundation from which to assess their appropriateness. Hopefully, research will soon allow cannabinoids to take their place âspam along with opiates and other pain relievers âspam in the modern medical supply for treating chronic pain like TMJ. But it's still a bit of a political debate at the moment.

Check out Montana's NORML website which is aiming to reform Montana's marijuana laws:
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