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TMJ advice + what exercises do you all do?

I am 21, from Germany, and have TMJ + my bite doesn't fit. (I have an overbite, too Sad )
I wear a splint at night. I only have contact with it with my incisors to avoid building up pressure at night (I had a "normal" splint before and my inner cheeks are scarred because I was biting on them at night).
The pain I have sometimes is not really treatable with meds (I take metamizole which is not on the US market anymore. It gives me some relief, but this uncomfortable feeling doesn't disappear). I sometimes have a short beeping in my ear, ear pain and the feeling of having tired eyes all the time, even when I sleep 10 hours or so.
Muscle relaxants have strong side effects when I take it, so they are no solution, either.
My orthodontist is a nice guy, and I got some relief through his actions (the new splint), but I have the feeling that he does not see my suffering. He hopes that there will be a self-healing effect, and that my lower and upper teeth get closer by themselves (there's a huge gap. The guy who took out my wisdom teeth said he's never seen such an extreme case)

I've been doing exercises for my jaw, neck, tongue, throat, and back since Friday. I had really high hopes yesterday, but this morning my jaw popped twice and I was in pain. I took pain meds and did the exercises again and it got better (probably because of the meds). But it is frustrating. Do you think that they will have any effect over time? I've tried a lotta stuff and always try to keep a positive attitude. That makes it even more disappointing when I realize that something doesn't work.
I also do a relaxation exercise when I lie in bed at night, hoping that I won't build up any pressure at night. Do you guys have any other ideas for getting rid of bruxism? Stress doesn't really seem to be the cause, I think?
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