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tired, I can't sleep, my face swells up...

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I been tested for lupus twice and both were negative but the symptoms are still present.
I am tired and fatigue but yet in still I can't sleep my face swells up and left shoulder cracks
And hurts constantly,my eyeballs twitch and my skin underneath my toenail turn purple and cracks open
I have these white lines in the inside of my jaws and some kind of whitish puffy things on both sides of my tongue.
My left shoulder and arm,my wrist,knee and hip all hurt.I awoke this morning and could not move my left arm also my
Left arm and knee turned dark.I have these red scaly patches on my chest,arms,stomach legs and thighs and legs they eventually turn dark but never go away. My glands are swollen and now my spine is hurting.I been very hungry lately which seems like this happens before the worst feeling ever comes upon me.Both my shoulders crack my left one is constantly and my right one does it every so often.I have had nose bleeds and vomiting blood also have the butterfly rash and it itches and if scratch in that area it
burns.I am 24 yrs old I'm ready to feel normal please enlightened me on this.
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replied December 15th, 2011
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I've read your concerns Nikki1, may prayers are with you. I know medication can be used to address the symptoms of Lupus, but the condition is not curable. Increasingly, patients are turning to alternative medical approaches and nutrituional supplementation.

Glutathione supplementation with Cellgevity has shown great promise in the reduction of Lupus symptoms.

Dr. Robert H. Keller dedicated years of research and development to the creation of Cellgevity, an amazing supplement proven to naturally optimize the body's production of glutathione. Cellgevity's patented ormula dramatically increases Glutathione in the body be as much as 292%.

Why is this important? Glutathione is scientifically confirmed to be one of the most powerful, versatile, and important self-generated antioxidants in the human body.

Nickki I can only imagine the challenges you must face everyday, but my word is all I got. This science here does some things that has not been done before.

By strengthing the immune system, detoxifies the body and fights off the inflammatiory response that is such a major contributor of the pain commonly associated with Lupus.

To help confirm how this is amazing some doctors who are willing to look at this, go to which is The National Library of Medicine & Health, there you will find over 94,000 articles on this powerful molecule.

God Bless!
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