Dear all
Just joined the group in desperation (sorry) but having no answers anywhere else and feeling completely lost. A month ago I was a strong, physically fit 51 year old woman working 8 hours a day, never been ill (except for having 4 children which doesn't really count !!). Overnight, I have become what I can only call a semi-cripple invalid. I absolutely ache all over, sometimes unbearable pains especially in my shoulders, neck, back, upper legs and ankles. I am constantly tired, depressed and have developed a strange itchy skin on parts of my body (not really worrying though). I can only bear the pain by taking at least 6mg pain killers daily, doctor has also prescribed anti-depressants and sleeping pills. I hate taking medication but its a case of survival. My business is suffering because I cannot carry out my daily essentials, today I could hardly walk around the supermarket and after half an hour ended up crying with pain and my ankles felt as if they would crack. I have had blood tests, x-rays, an osteopath and a kinesiology treatment, but nothing. Has anybody experienced this, do the doctors on this group know what's wrong with me?
Hoping somebody can help, just knowing what was wrong with me would be a small comfort.
Thank you in advance
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replied August 1st, 2009
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What doctors have you seen? PCP, gyn, etc???

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