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tired all the time and constant headache

Hi, im a 22 year old woman im normall fit and healthy i have this headache for 14 days now and i keep sleeping. This headache is on the top of my head and sometimes i get shooting pains down the side ive been to my docs and they said its a tension headache but ive had that before and its nothing like this i really dont no what to do.
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replied March 9th, 2011
Hi I'm a 12 yr old active girl and I have been having this constant headache for almost five weeks.The pain is at the top of my head amd sometimes I have these sudden sharp pain on the side of my head too. I posted this causes I've been to many doctors but all my bloodwork ,mri and everything is normal. I was wonderin if you were still having these headaches and if you had found any answers. I would really appreciate any information you could give me, thanks.
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