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Tips for Racing Heart and Anxiety!!! :)

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Hey there! I just want to say I totally know how you feel. My heart would race like crazy and that's why I went to the cardiologist when I was 21. Everything checked out okay.. I have Mitral Valve Prolapse but it's very common and not a big deal unless it gets to the point of Mitral Regurgitation. So here's what I do (I just posted on the forum under LoveYourHear but just in case you don't read it) here is what I recommend. First of all, you got an ECG so you got the echocardiogram right? And not the EKG. Cuz the EKG doesn't show anything really. The echocardiogram is so much better and tells the doc a lot more info. I would schedule a 2nd opinion with another cardiologist, make sure it's a good one. In the meantime, I would exercise 5 times a week, 30 mins a day. I used to get palpitations and a racing heart, and now that I exercise on a regular basis, I don't feel my heart beat quite as much like I did before. Also, and I can't stress this enough, please go to a yoga class. Everytime I walk out of yoga class I feel like I'm floating. So relaxed that I couldn't get my heart to race if I wanted to. I love that feeling so much because it's not a natural feeling for me. Usually, I would feel stressed out and feel my heart race and flutter. Which would make me more stressed out.. and then it would just turn into this cycle where I felt like I was going to die.. and my fear fed the anxiety, which fed the palpitations and made it race even more. Yoga class will definitely help you I promise you. Anxiety is very interesting and my suggestion is to NOT resist your heart racing. Let it race as fast as you want it to. When you give yourself biofeedback like that, then the results are amazing. When you embrace your racing heart, then you are not afraid of it. So you're not anxious about being anxious and then you will see the anxiety vanish. It works like a charm. My resting heart beat has always been fast, 90 beats a minute. But if I'm anxious or at the doctors or wake up from a scary dream, then it can go up to 150 beats a minute! Resting! That's what prompted me to go to the cardilogist in the first place back in 1998 at 21. But now I'm 33 and I embrace it. I exercise, do yoga, eat very healthy foods, drink water and no sugary soda, and I listen to relaxing music. I am so much more relaxed than ever now.. so believe me.. there is hope for you! Smile When we get anxious, our bodies release adrenalyn and I personally feel that maybe my body releases extra adrenalyn, which causes my heart to race, and that my racing heart gives me my anxiety. Everyone is different, we are all built differently. You will be okay! Get that 2nd opinion cardio evaluation from another doc (just to be extra extra safe) and please take the advice I've given. Embrace the racing heart and know it's your soul.. your energy.. that you're alive more than most people.. and then that biofeedback will help you put it in a differt perspective.. and you won't be anxious about being anxious. Trust me. It will help you! Take care and best of luck!! Smile
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First Helper LoveYourHeart

replied July 29th, 2011
The best thing is to find a doctor you can trust.

Also read the Lotus Sutra interpreted by Nichiren Daishonin, best English translation by Burton Watson you can find it on the internet or at your local bookstore.
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