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Tips for mood swings/loss of sex drive on BC

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If you think birth control is the reason for your insane mood swings, or loss of sexual desire, you may not be getting the right kind of nutrition. If you don't already suffer from depression, anxiety, and other crazy mood changes resulting from the pill it could be because your birth control has depleted your body of vitamin B6. It's so important to take either a multivitamin or a B Complex Vitamin everyday, this can result in better moods and also changes in sexual desire. What you also may not know is that your diet can affect your sex drive as well as mood swings. Exercise (especially weight training) keeps testosterone levels up as well as relieves stress which can result in a better mood!

Have you ever wondered why cheese is on the dessert menu in French restaurants? Cheese is high in a substance called tyramine, tyramine has a chemical similarity to a number of very important human neurotransmitters, particularly dopamine and norepinephrine. Cheese is also a good source of zinc which testosterone is dependant upon. Eggs are a good libido enhancer as well, they contain vitamins b5 & b6 which fight stress and balance hormone levels. Nuts are also good at improving sex drive as they contain Vitamin E, also known as the "sex vitamin", Vitamin E promotes your sex organs by reversing a low sex drive.

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