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Tipped cervix pressed against belly ?

I'm ttc my second and I've learned a lot more about my body in the last month than I had known all my life. While that's good, it's also bad as I worry about things such as a tipped cervix that is against the wall of my belly.

When pregnant with my son they said it was tipped. I paid no mind to it as they said no worries, but now while ttc my second I'm worried. I have little EWCM per month mostly it's just wet... maybe slightly stretchy to see anything else is rare and usually once I reach in and find it, that was the only 'sample' like that. :/ My cervix opening is pressed against the wall behind my belly. How on earth can sperm get inside it when they'd have to swim up (through what seems to be less than optimal quality CM) and press past the wall which the opening of cervix is against and then to the left to enter?

I had a pelvic exam last week and they said my cervix was "right there" whatever that means. I have difficulty keeping the ejaculate in as well. It wants to slide right out afterward. I've tried lying on side (spills out), lying on belly (since opening is there... slides out) and on back hips up which keeps it in.... until I get up then some comes back out. Doctor said lie on back after which seems odd, but that does seem to be only way to keep it in.

With my son I laid on back afterward and don't recall any real issues with it sliding out. Can pregnancy make it tip more for consecutive pregnancies? Am I just worried over nothing at all? We also did it missionary without particularly deep penetration and I don't believe I even orgasmed at the time. Took 8 weeks (not really trying) to get pregnant with him. I'm 32 now.

Because right now, I can't see HOW any sperm can press past there. For me to check the opening I have to go up and press until the wall gives and then I can reach it. Seems unlikely a little ole sperm could do that. Neutral

Anyone with similar issues that has any input or suggestions?
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replied April 28th, 2010
Especially eHealthy
shadowedpersona, Pregnancy often rights a tipped uterus, not cause it.

During sex and arousal, your uterus also lifts up in your abdomen so your cervix is not where you find it when you are unaroused. It is very rare that your cervix should be so tilted that the sperm cannot get in.

You are also much looser after the birth of your first child so your partner's semen will drip out easier. Keep on lying on your back with your behind lifted higher for 10 to 15 minutes after he ejaculated to keep more of it down close to the cervix.

Remember, very little of what he ejaculates are sperm. The most are just all sorts of other fluids that protects and nourishes the sperm. The sperm are microscopically small. Only the sperm will go up your cervix, unless you orgasm at just the right time in which case some of his semen may be sucked up into your uterus. An orgasm is however not necessary to conceive.

The wet and stretchy is most likely your fertile mucus.

At 32 your fertility is also already less than it were in your 20's so it may take you longer to get pregnant.

Best of luck TTC!!
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replied November 25th, 2011
BAby Making Sex
...if your ready and fertile the OS should be open and ready to receive the sperm and maybe a bit of your partners semen.

To increase your chances...when having intercourse do it missionary with a pillow under your hips.. Just as he begins to cum, he should try to remain as deep as possible inside you as he finishes ejaculating. Some men can even feel the end of the cervix with the tip of his penis, so if he's able, he should remain as still as possible so as not to mix the semen too much. He should try to not to continue thrusting after he begins ejaculating.

After he finishes ejaculating he should remain still and deep inside as possible until he starts to go soft... then as he carefully withdraws, you should close your legs and draw your knees up to your chest for 5 minutes or so. The nub of the open OS should be thoroughly coated with fresh semen. An orgasm is not necessary for conception, but it doesn't hurt. An orgasm is natures way to 'thrust' the cervix downward into the pool of fresh semen so as to aid in the process of conception.
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