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tiny white dots on top of feet scrape off but come back?

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I have these tiny whitish bumps that are itchy and scrape off very easily but come back . They are only on the top of my feet and around my ankles. I have had them come and go over a period of years. I have not been able to find out what this is with research over the internet.]Do you know what this is?
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First Helper buddhistartist1

replied May 27th, 2012
Similar problem....
I wish I was a doctor and had an answer for you. Unfortunately, I'm looking for an answer to a similar question. I have white bumps on the tops of my feet, mainly toward the outer half/ankle, and a few around my Achilles. The only things I've ever considered were warts/fungus from gym showers, or damage from severe sunburn I got on both feet when I was 14 during a church car wash on asphalt all day. I put my feet in buckets of ice that night and had to use Aloe Vera gel for weeks. I figure I have some damage from that, but I've asked both my primary care doctor and a dermatologist and they both just said "that's nothing to worry about.". I hate that. That's not an answer. I've tried anti-fungal creams, wart removers, and even pedicures. No luck.

They're different sizes, but small nonetheless, and for me they don't generally itch. If I do scratch the top of my foot, I sometimes scratch some of the tops of the bumps off. They appear to be like dry skin (at least the tops), and my feet have been dry since I was very young (I'm 29 - male). If I scratch them off or scrape them when I'm using a foot file that I use regularly on my heels to prevent cracking & bleeding, the spots/bumps come back. If I get any sunburn/tan, the spots show through staying white. I have no idea what to do.

Good luck to you
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replied November 21st, 2012
Small tiny bumps on top of my feet
I went to a dermatologist for what seems like the same problem. she said is was Stucco Keratosis and suggested I use Amlactin lotion an over the counter moisturizer. There is no cure for it but keeping them moisturuized will not make them as noticeable.
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