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Tiny Clear Bumps on back of hands?

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Hi all. I'm a 29 year old female who recently moved into a newish house. 2 months after moving in, I develop these bumps on my hand, along with a rash down my body and on the inside of my forearm. Really worrisome. My PCP didn't really care (by the time I could get an appointment they were gone!) but gave me some cream and prednisone.

Now 8 months later, I have developed them again! It could POSSIBLY be detergent related, but I don't know. I'm thinking of asking for a referral to a derm., but I have a high copay and if it looks like nothing, then there's my copay wasted. These are clear, and are only on my hands this time. I am trying to change hand soaps to a goat's milk soap, and use petroleum based moisturizer. I also get these small rings in weird places that have flaky skin inside, but they're REALLY small and few and few between.

Here's a pic of my hand.... iheartmygluegun/DSC09697.jpg

Whadda ya think?

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replied June 28th, 2012
i have these as well and also have no idea what they are, they went away for quite some time and have just come back in full force and are covering my palm and insides of my fingers with the odd bump just like yours on the back of my hand.....i went to the pharmacist and they gave me hydrocortizone and its doing absolutely nothing unfortunately, they are irritating but i wouldnt say itchy, and my hands seem generally dryer, especially my fingers. my worry is its going to be hard to get rid of on my palm because of it being a place which naturally gets quite sweaty. CaN ANYBODY tell us what the hell this is.....its disgusting and we have to use our hands everyday!
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replied October 25th, 2012
tiny bumps on hands
i think i might know what this MIGHT be...
i am 29yr old female and for as long as i can remember i have always gotten random tiny bumps on my arms or hands. no itch, not red, barely raised at all. usually when sweaty or during hot humid weather. other times for no reason at all. when i pop them its just clear liquid like water, a little sticky. usually on the top of hands, palms of hands, inside of fingers, or top of wrist.
sometimes i get just one, or a few, or a big cluster.
Google or WebMD search: HPV or warts.
one possibility: theres tons of strains of human papiloma virus, causing many different kinds of warts. they are contagious and easily spread on yourself or to others. mostly harmless but still spreadable.
2nd possibility: google or webmd search: Dyshidrosis
this is all i know about them, dont know how to cure them or stop them really.
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