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Tiny amount of blood when wiping

This started a few weeks ago when I had awful diarrhea and I was wiping a LOT. It's happened to me before in the distant past, I just happen to be an over-wiper I guess. Basically, I wipe so much that I aggravate that area and sometimes draw a tiny bit of blood.

Basically I've noticed this time that I created maybe a blood blister or a scab or something from all the wiping. It seemed to go away and I could wipe as normal for a while, but it came back again after a couple weeks.

When I wipe, if the incident occurs, I feel a tiny pain (like if you scratched a scab on accident) and then the toilet paper comes back with a pinprick of bright red blood. It's never more than a drop of blood and usually half that or less.

Then if I blot the toilet paper on the area, I can get the bleeding to stop completely. Afterwards there is no pain at all and I can sit, stand, walk, and even poop again later with no pain. I never have pain defecating.

So... is this something I should worry about? What can I do to make the problem go away? It sounds to me like a tiny anal fissure which I've read only heals on its own 50% of the time, but it's so little blood that I resent having to go to the doctor on my limited budget... but I don't want my butt to fall off. Razz
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replied September 22nd, 2008
You'll want to get a diagnosis, and that is made with a visual exam. If you feel more comfortable, you can request a recommendation for a GI (gasto-intestinal) specialist...but your family doctor can also help.

Anal fissures can grow and become dangerous (my husband has one that recurs), so if it's simply hemmorroids, you're actually better off. But, yes! got to the doc and get a diagnosis!
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