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tinnitus because of tmj.. im sure of it. can tmj reatment help?

my tmj is pretty bad, but the tinnitus (earringing) is much worse to me, i rather have tmj all my life and no earringing than earringing and no tmj...

i heared that people with tmj tinnitus got relief after being treated for tmj, is that true?
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replied July 27th, 2011
I've had TMJ for a while and for the past several months, tinnitus.

I know that mine is correlated to TMJ. I read on a website that tinnitus or hearing loss can be the result of severe TMJ. I would say treat TMJ first either way.

I wasn't certain for a while w/ the tinnitus and had some very daunting suicidal thoughts for a while. Now I'm more certain though and have since focused on treating the TMJ. (I'm now 45% less suicidal)jkjk
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