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tingly feeling behind left rib cage

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This has been going on for 2 months.. Pressure , tingly feeling behind left rib cage. A burning (long warm/hot water being poured inside, on either side of my belly button area.. lots of body warm feelings . Anyway, I guess this is the stomach area or intestines?.. Stool has been all over, different colors, shapes.. recently more like a wettish (but forms) yellowish brown.. If doctor gets back to me, hopefully one day get a colonoscopy..

Very scared and upset. I also get weird come and go, aches in different area, like hands, knee.. they go away though. Just had blood work and a ultrasound .. nothing. What is the best test, to find out what is wrong with stomach? I will pay to go to the states (North Dakota, as I live in Winnipeg).. to get a CT or MRI.. too long of a wait here, and this is affecting my quality of life, happiness, work and relationships. Been seeing doctors, but so slow, and I just feel like if I have something, what if each day it gets worse?.. I still have a appetite, but did lose some weight, maintaining it, but cannot seem to gain it back.

Is this a ulcer, gallbladder or a colon/instestine problem? I am a 44 year old female..
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replied November 5th, 2010
I have this same feeling lately. (left side abdomen) It reminds me of the feel of an Icy/hot pack. Its tingly and also feels like its pulling from the inside. What is it? I am a 25 year old female.
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