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Tingling sensation in breasts

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Hi there
I wondering if you were able to give me alittle insight into my tingling breasts.
I have already had one child that is now 6 years old and have been trying for another baby in the last few months.
This morning I took a crystal clear pregnancy test to find it came back negative but are having tingling sensations in my breasts, and last week my right nipple was extremly itchy.
My first day of my last period was the 17th of September 2009 and the month before the 17th of August 2009, so checking a ovulation calander my ovulating dates should of been from the 30th Sept 2009 till the 5th Oct 2009 if that was right ?
I have reserched the internet to find that I might get a negative test as the embro has not planted its self into the uterus yet is this so ?
I am so so excited and so much want a second child. I have also being monitoring my muscus before my ovulation date up until now and noticed the white discharge then egg white consistancy then now its white and creamy inside.
Two days ago when walking I also had a small pain in the left lower side of my groin more near the hip area, could this also be a symptom or just my mind wanting me to be pregnant as Im so wanting this to happen.
Please anyone with any help would be useful !!!!!
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replied October 5th, 2009
Especially eHealthy
All your research is pretty accurate. It is however way to early for any pregnancy signs signs. The pain in your side could have been ovulation pain.

Best of luck conceiving!!
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replied December 6th, 2011
Hi Shazza77, Were you pregnant? I am suffering with the same issue
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