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Tingling in R. side of face and R. arm

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I have recently experienced tingling in the right side of my face and arm. I have had no tingling since that day but still have trouble with my balance. I went to a Dr. and she told me it could very well be just a simple sinus thing or inner ear thing and gave me travel sickness pills and something else which makes me realy tired. But I can't be happy with her diagnosis because I don't see how an inner ear or sinuses could affect the right arm with tingling. Should I find a good neurologist and go to him? I've read some comment from others and said it could be Bells Pausy some say mini stroke. What should I do?
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replied August 21st, 2011
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hi, first Bells Palsy is not the same as a stroke. it is a infection typically viral such as Herpes and before u run off, 70% of the population have some form of Herpes Simplex
so have u had herpes
have u ever been prescribed Acyclovir or Valtrex and if so TAKE SOME MORE FOR A WHILE
as for stroke; do u take aspirin and if not then take one every day, if it upsets tummy get the kind that r coated to dissolve in the intestinal tract
THE TROUBLE with balance does not seem correlated to your other symptoms and seems to be an inner ear thing
DO U know what ear candles r and how to use. if not call around to health food stores to find them and ask how to use when u purchase.
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