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Tingling in my head

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I am 35 years old and for 6 months I have had this tingling sensation in my head and I kind of loose my vision for a split second. Like when you get up too fast. This usually occurs during a workout but lately it is happening all the time. I have a chiropractor that adjusted my neck and back and suggested to me that I get a MRA. My family dr. did not think it is needed at this point. He had a number of other tests he wanted to preform. I have had a heart test and it was fine, ultrasound on my arteries that are on my neck. The circulation is fine there is no calcium build up and the flow is normal. I am not diabetic, I have been checked out for it and I have normal numbers. The only thing that is a little high but not really a concern is my blood pressure.

What is causing this sensation? I am very frustrated and hate this feeling it makes me feel extremely certain that something is really happening that I shoud be concerned about but my family dr. doesn't feel the same way. Please any suggestions would be great.
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