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Tingling burning penis

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Hi I'm a bit worried, I'm hoping it's nothing but about 3.5 weeks ago I had unprotected sex with a girl who had been tested for everything like a year ago but had been with two or three guys since then. A couple days later my penis started tingling (sort of the whole thing but closer to the head), it wasn't too uncomfortable just unsettling. A few days later it got a bit worse and it felt like the very tip, the urethra opening (pee hole), was burning pretty badly... not constantly, just on and off, and then it all subsided in the next few days. I went to a doc two times during that week and both times they said I had nothing visible, and the second visit they gave me a UTI test and GC/chlamydia, all negative. I felt better when it all went away, figuring it was something strange I needn't worry about anymore. Well after being totally gone for about a week or so, I'm feeling tingling again, still no bumps or sores or anything visibly wrong. I guess I'll wait and see if it gets worse but does anyone know what could be going on here? I'm worried I have like HPV or some other STD or disease that is at the moment silently multiplying and all I feel is a cool tingling.
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replied March 19th, 2008
I had the same thing before. My girlfriend has been tested and results came back as no known diseases present.

However, I do know that she has recurrent yeast infections (not really a disease). After I got those itching/burning symptoms and I got tested and nothing showed up, I started to suspect that I got a male yeast infection.

That being said, I wouldn't be going to the drug store to buy the female yeast infection creams and such to try, but maybe ask your doctor if this is a possibility. Also, ask your girlfriend if she's had yeast infections before too. My symptoms subsided before I had to go to the doctor's about it, so I'm not entirely sure that's what it was.

Also, never hurts to use protection!!
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replied January 28th, 2009
Did you ever find out what it was. I have the same symptoms and I want to know before I go to a doctor.
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replied January 31st, 2009
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Other bugs
COld another infection like staphylococcos you need treatment with antibiotics for at least 7 days to see if this clear that. She probably had other bacterial infections, the girl was around you know...
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