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tingels/ pins and needles the next day after drinking alcohol.

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Hello it doesnt matter how much alcohol i consume the next day i will get painfull tingles over my body its mostley present in my face but i also get it in my arms and legs. Im curioues to why this happens? It can last for hours and hours. its annoying and painfull. If i drink my the effects are worse. what could this be and what can i do to prevent it except not drink alcohol? I would love some answers if you have any. Thank you charlotte
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replied July 24th, 2011
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Tingling is a sign of nerve injury. It can be from direct pressure on the nerve (like when you sit on your foot and it goes to sleep) or from a substance that attacks the nerve. The second is seen in such things as diabetes and poisonings. Alcohol related neuropathy is a very well know disorder. However, this is usually only after prolonged and excessive alcohol abuse.

You do not say if this occurs every time, after having just one glass of wine, or is it after a significant night out, where you were definitely feeling the effects of the alcohol.

If it occurs every time, even if the alcohol consumption was very minimal, like a single small glass of wine with dinner, then you may have a protein deficiency which does not allow the alcohol to be broken down, thus it continues to circulate for an extended period of time. In this case, about the only thing you can do is not drink alcohol. But, to know for sure, you would need to be evaluated by a physician well versed in alcohol neuropathy.

If, however, it seems to occur after a good night out, when you were feeling tippsy, then it is probably due to compression of the nerves. When one consumes alcohol, which is a depressant, sleep is usually fairly deep. As such, the person does not move as much as normal, thus the nerves are pressed upon excessively. This is very common in the face, where it contacts the pillow. It is also common in the extremities, as they may be pressed upon by other body parts or poor positioning. In extreme cases, a person can sleep in an awkward position, with the arm extended or draped over a chair, putting pressure on the neck and shoulder, causing almost complete paralysis of the upper extremity. This is sometimes called a Saturday Night palsy.

So, you need to evaluate exactly how much alcohol it takes to produce the effect and what your actions are the night after drinking the alcohol. Good luck.
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