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Time off from Work from a Lupus Flare

I have been off of work from a bad lupus flare for 21 weeks now. This is crazy and is the longest I've been off from work from a lupus flare since my diagnosis in 2002.

What was the longest time you had to take off of work from a lupus flare (ordered by your doctor) and how did your bosses and coworkers react/respond to you being off from a lupus flare?

Thank you for sharing.
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replied August 15th, 2010

I'm 19 years old, and I was diagnosed with Lupus about 3 months ago. I immediately told my boss about the diagnosis, and I promised her that I would try my best and keep her informed. She was amazing about the whole thing, and even cried with me when I told her.
Unfortunately, my symptoms started interfering with my ability to concentrate on my work ( I was a dog walker, doing 2 hour hikes in the mountains everyday) so I had to quit. July 7th was my last day, and I felt really bad because I called in sick that morning and couldn't give my 2 weeks notice. But my boss, along with her husband, the co-owner ,were both so supportive! I was so lucky.
I haven't been back to work since, it's been over a month.
I really hope you can get back to work soon, and I wish you the best in fighting this!!
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