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Tightness in forehead and heaviness behind ear

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i have had shortness of breathe and dizzy spell. Fast heart palpatations. also bad heaches throughtout the day and could not sleep. my nose was extremely dry. I was told that i had a sinus infection. i was given amoxicillin, i had to stop taking them after 5 days. i was given azythromycin 250mgs for 5 days. that seemed to work. This lasted for three weeks. Then two days later i got numbness and tingling in my head in different parts. on the side sof my temples and in the sides of my face. along with a heat sensation at times, sometimes in my hands. i felt better when i was standing up, as soon as i laid down, i would feel numbness especially when i laid on my sides, i had to sleep on my back to breathe good and to not feel my side of my head numb up or my face numb up. Now i can sleep on my stomach i just feel a haviness on my forehead and heat sensation in the back of my head and my scalp feels itchy or burny in that area. it comes and goes. my eyes always feel tired.
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First Helper marif

replied August 28th, 2010
I believe you still have the symptoms. Because I have them too for a year which went weak for 6 months and came back lately.

Throughout my research I found that this problem is not neurological. It's a gut problem and called "leaky gut syndrome". Means your gut is perforated and causes toxic food ingredients to directly go into your blood stream and causes the neurological symptoms.

Actually I found that leaky gut syndrome is a collection of the following:

1) Parasites (harmful 1 cell to several inches) causes you gut and your digestive system malfunction and most probably you have gas, bloating, diehria, food intolerance etc.

2) Candida yeast infection in intestine
3) Inflammation in gut


So, remember it is a gut problem and related to your food habit, stress and immune system weakness. Do good research and understand that it is not a simple problem and will take a lot of care and perseverance to get rid of it totally.
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replied May 4th, 2012
Experienced User
Marif is right.

Leaky gut syndrome occurs because stress throws the immune system out of balance. Natural stress relief will boost Immune System.

Chemicals in processed foods can cause Leaky Gut syndrome. Leaky gut is often responsible for food allergies or food sensitivities.
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replied May 4th, 2012
Yes, this little piece of information will help a lot of people confused regarding what happened to them. After seeing dozens of doctors and getting frustrated ...

I am healed now. The causes I found are as follows:

1) Stress level was very high when these problems started
2) Negative thinking in cyclic pattern day after day
3) Strong ego

which caused symptoms as follows:
1) Constant dizziness, nausea
2) Pressure in forehead like a vice grip all the time
3) Electric shock like symptoms in different parts of the body
4) Extreme weakness in body and shortness of breath
5) Arthritis like pain in joints like 80 years old
6) Visual impalement like blurry vision sometimes
7) Balance problem while walking
Cool Pain in head specially while in super market
9) Blood pressure falls after eating causing near faintness

and lot other horrible experiences.

Went to a lot of doctors but nothing worked. Suffered two years with agony to myself and my loving and caring wife ...

Ultimately God was merciful ... gave me a way to understand what it really was ...

1) These are stress related problems caused by extreme stress which if continues weakens the immune system significantly

2) And 85% of the power of the immune system is used to kill the germs in our body lives in our gut at we take external food containing them. With a very weak immune system the unfriendly germs and parasites take over and cause havoc in the gut and makes it perforated and causes these overwhelming symptoms.


1) I changed my lifestyle
2) Removed the stress elements by switching the job and switching the house where I lived
3) Changed my food habit completely e.g. took vegetables a lot which I hated, meat intake as little as possible as I found it pressurizes the gut for digesting this heavy item and makes my symptoms lot worse.
4) Reduced carbohydrate intake as less as possible which helped kill the parasites and Candida yeast infections in the gut
5) I continued this diet for more than eight months .. after two three months I started noticing improvements in my symptoms so it motivated me to continue this hard way.
6) I lost 20 pounds in that process but I felt much better
7) Now I am healed by the mercy of God ...

By the way I am a 34 year old man ... and God tested me that way and taught me hard way to see the reality ... the spiritual nature of the universe ...

If you get egoistic and negative which is the opposite of your spiritual nature ... the True Self of You will teach you in a hard way that you are not separate from the Whole ...

So, friends take care of yourself from my own hard experiences and be humble to all others and yourself ... because we all are One ...
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replied May 4th, 2012
I did the following as my food habit

1) Eat fresh vegetable (Organic if possible) and fruits mainly
2) Avoid canned food totally, Of the shelf processed food items of any type
3) Cook myself and avoided yiest based products like breads and avoided other carbohydrates as much as possible to control Candida

Most importantly*****

Change your thinking pattern, be flexible, open and understanding, humble and adopt all the positive aptitudes of life ... this will reduce your stress level and you will be healed ...

We all live in a box created by us, our parents and society ... get out of the box and see the reality ... be open and friendly ...

Everything in this world is connected together ... we don't see it while we are in that 'box'.

We all have a pattern of behavior ... understanding them is the key to breaking them and becoming more open, flexible and relieving stress ...

We don't at first give much interest in stress in our life as we think that it is normal ... but until it hurts us in a way that seems irrecoverable. So be wise to understand your own thought pattern and compare them with others ... you'll see a connection ...

Hope this helps .... Thank you!
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replied August 15th, 2015
Thank you marif I think you hit the nail on the head Smile. Far from healed but I'm seeing positive effects from the attitude/perspective of yours, it's about trusting the universe, trusting your own heart and being honest along the way - because that is trust in action.
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replied October 7th, 2016
Thanks a lot for this helpful piece at just 22years old and its very frustrating.. At times I just feel sooo down....#tears
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