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Multiple sclerosis (MS) affects the brain and the spinal cord. But what is MS? And what types of MS do doctors diagnose? Basic facts on multiple sclerosis here....
Doctors know little about what causes multiple sclerosis (MS), but do understand the anatomy of the condition. Read one to learn about what happens during MS....
Symptoms of multiple sclerosis can be present during other medical conditions. Learn to identify early symptoms of multiple sclerosis, plus when to seek help....
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Hi iam 32years old..80kg.athletic build..approx 5years ago i developed a tightness arround the mouth area,that slowely progessed to my whole head and eyes pain,just a serious discomfort that never leaves..then it started to effect my gym workouts,making my eyes blood shot and not being able to sleep etc,an be in bad i stopped gym for a year an it seemed to get better,at detriment to my body..howeva i started at the gym again just once a slowely over time this tightness an sensation has now spread to over my arms,legs,face,neck,head etc...i have no family history of musucular dystrophy..i have not noticed any loss in muscle strenth as of yet or balance..however that may be just around the corner...years ago when i was 22 to 26yo i did extreme bodybuilding,an being stupid an un informed,i did take steroids an was 95kg lean..could that have brung this around??i just want to be normal again..please help me,an ask any questions u may have..any help greatly appreciated..thankyou
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replied April 24th, 2009
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Have you seen a doctor? If you did, did you tell him about the steroids? I know you may feel embarrassed or ashamed, but it is vital information. It's not the doctor's job to judge you, just treat you.

I don't really know what it could be. Maybe a muscle issue or even a nerve one. You really need to talk to a doctor about it.
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