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tight neck muscle and feeling off balance (Page 3)

June 1st, 2015
I have been dealing with identical symptoms for 2 and a half years. The off balance feeling is the absolute worst thing I've ever experienced. I've had all of the tests and scans and all have been normal. I've had anxiety and panic attacks occasionally since I was 17, I'm now 34. I am not consistently off balance as some days are horrible and some days are better but never great. My days start off horrible then by evening I always feel a little better, after I've spent the entire day doing neck stretches, moist heat, and massage on my neck, shoulders, and jaw (I have tmj and I've been through very expensive bite splint therapy.)
Along with bite splint therapy I have spent thousands of dollars on massage therapists and chiropractors. Certain massages help some but it never lasts. I sleep in the best position possible and I've done so much research on these issues that sometimes I know more than some of the doctors I've seen. My eaustation tube are never fully open and when I work extensively on the many knots and trigger points in my head, neck, and jaw, my ears pop and open up and I feel noticeably better but it's never lasting. I clench my jaws at night and my entire life has become a vicious cycle of trying to achieve some sense of normalcy throughout the day then waking up miserable again every morning.
My tmj dentist swears that I have so many pent up emotions from a lot of negative experiences that I will never feel better if I don't speak to a therapist and get them out. I haven't gone yet because I desperately hate being emotional in front of people. I also saw an acupuncturist for a few months once a week and saw some improvements. I think there is definitely something to the pent up emotion issue in my case. I have several traumatic events I haven't dealt with and I carry all of my stress in my jaw and shoulders. If you think you have unresolved emotional issues, that may be worth exploring.
Please keep posting here, it's nice to know I'm not alone.
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replied August 11th, 2015
I’ve had identical symptoms as the ones described in this post for a few months now. The thing I find the most annoying is I seem to get this small panic attack when I feel the symptoms coming on which makes it worse. It creates a snowball effect. Sometimes the symptoms feel like they are going away only to return and are worse.

One symptom not described (or I didn't see) is the occasional sensation of an outer body feeling (I'm not talking spiritually but, literally). It’s difficult to explain but it’s like I am not looking through my own eyes - perhaps this is attributed to the light headedness.

I’ve had all types of tests done (scans, physical, ear and blood) which found nothing “abnormal” except for one very odd blood result: 1 out of 3 blood tests indicated extremely high CK levels which is attributed to muscle damage. Body builders typically have elevated CK levels (which I am not) as well as folks who have recently suffered severe muscle trauma like a car accident victim (which I am not). My doctor suspects this is a mistake in the blood work so we are waiting for the results of an additional test.
I take muscle relaxants and anti-inflammatory meds which do not help much. Massage therapy and a glass of wine in the evening so far are the most effective treatment for me but it is temporary relief only. I will definitely post any results and findings to help all of you suffering from this problem. You are not alone!
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replied August 19th, 2015
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replied August 19th, 2015
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replied September 14th, 2015
Hello has anybody tried a chiropractor for the dizziness and tight neck muscles and tension .. I've been suffering from lightheadedness feeling off balanced neck and shoulder pain my ear feel weird the pop every time I move my neck left or right my vision is also blurry .. But I been doing research and read that a chiropractor can help with manipulations to are neck ..
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replied February 17th, 2016
Hi, did anyone ever find out what's going on, for a few years now I have had dizziness and feel so uneasy when standing still or walking around.Mine seems to be made worse if I'm sat down for a while at work then stand up and walk. I get a tight neck and get a strange falling feeling
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replied March 8th, 2016
I'm having a lot of these same symptoms. About 8 months ago I had a very stressful thing happen at work. It caused a lot of stress and anxiety. My symptoms have gotten worse and worse over the past 8 months. It started out with a little stiffness/soreness in my neck. After a couple of months of that I went to see a Dr and he said it might be a pinched nerve and sent me to PT. He also took XRays and couldn't find anything.

Soon after starting PT I started getting headaches in addition to the neck pain. The headaches were like nothing I had ever experienced. They made me feel light headed almost like my brain was swollen.

After 6 weeks of PT and no improvement I went to the Emergency Room one day because I was worried I had cancer or something. I had never felt that kind of headache and I was worried. At the ER they did a CT scan and everything looked normal. The Dr said it was tension headaches and sent me home.

The problem just kept getting worse. Neck pain kept getting worse and headaches kept getting worse. Towards the end of the day I would get sharp pain in the back of my head. It always got worse as the day went on. If I got a good night's sleep the neck pain would feel okay in the morning, maybe a 1/10. The headache would start out at a 2/10 and both would get worse as the day went on.

I saw a chiropractor who took xrays and said everything looked fine. I had regular adjustments for another 6 weeks and had no improvement.

After a few more weeks of this I went to see a Physical Medecine doctor. He did an MRI on my neck and couldn't find anything. He then did trigger point injections in neck and prescribed an anti-depressant. The injections helped calm down the flaring up of pain in the back of my head at the end of the day, but didn't help with the overall neck pain or the headache. The anti-depressant made me very tired and foggy. After a few weeks I stopped taking the anti-depressant.

Today I still have a stiff/sore neck and headache and I feel light headed all the time, especially when I move my head quickly. It is an awful feeling and I've had it for 8 months now.

One thing that really caught my attention from the posts here. When I tilt my head from side to side I feel a cracking nose/feeling from where my head meets my neck. It feels like the bones are rubbing against each other. If I rub my hand down the back of my neck, my neck cracks. Anytime I stretch the muscles on my neck they crack.

I have decided this was all due to stress that I carried in my neck. I think about the pain all day and if I really focus on relaxing I can manage the neck pain. The headache/light headedness however does not go away. I have that all the time. It is certainly worse if I don't sleep well, but i am never free of it. No pills have made any difference.

Has anyone found a cure?
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replied April 1st, 2016
Im having the same symptoms...its so frustrating trying to find the problem ! I feel bad most have you suffered with this for years, My symptoms started 6 weeks ago and its driving me insane. I literally barely leave the house anymore since it started.

I remember the day it all started and i was stressed and felt a weird pressure on my head, so I think stress triggered mine but it has been relentless and constant pain. It started off as a dull ache pressure on the left side of my temple and now a stiff neck with pain shooting down to my left shoulder and up to my head causing tension headaches that feels like my head is losing oxygen. My anxiety also seems like its on a new level where I find it extremely difficult to relax and unpredictable attacks (heart racing etc). Insomnia & being unable to lay down comfortably because of the neck pain doesn't help. Dizziness is a new symptom for me lately especially when I turn my head to the left or straight up. However, I feel there may be a connection between the dizziness and the SCM muscles as the dizziness started after a chiropractor told me I had forward head posture so I was starting exercises to stretch those muscles out ( I work in an office environment for 8 years straight) . I'll update if dizziness goes away but its been terrible and of course starts the anxiety up, its a vicious cycle as you all know.

The list of what ive done so far:

Been to an ENT : did an endoscopy- negative no signs of infection as originally i thought temple pain was sinus pressure who then sent me to neurologist
Neurologist: ordered CT and MRI of the brain- completely negative no lesions etc. & then basically brushed me off
ER numerous times from severe head and neck pressure- CT of cervical spine- didn't show any disc issues but did show muscle spasms and some straightening- gave me muscle relaxers and sent home
Had a deep tissue massage done- temporary relief
Acupuncture on my neck: made me extremely dizzzy had to stop the treatment so I cannot speak about it.
Chiropractor: took cervical xrays- says its from my atlas and straightening of cervical spine. Im looking into trying NUCCA chiropractic, will update after finding one in my area as I do not like the idea of aggressive manipulation, anyone try it?
Jaw surgeon: I did have jaw surgery ten years ago and thought that may be a possibilty as well, so went to my surgeon and he says he thinks it may be because my lower jaw has shifted to the right as well as my bite being off balance causing muscle strain on left side, Possible, however I do not have any of the clicking, jaw tightness or pain with eating that TMJ is usually associated with so i'm not completely convinced.
Cardiologist- Abnormal ECG, but dr thinks its because of the spine pain but a part of me thinks I should check my arteries since arteries run up from the vertebrae to the head and being all on the left side raises some questions .
I've just been bounced around not really knowing what the issue is.

Magnesium supplements helps somewhat. Blood tests are normal except for low Vitamin D and high at a loss at this point. NSAIDS don't work for me, nothing has been really working. Neck stretches seem to make my muscles even more spastic. I wonder if this is a nervous system issue since most of us complain of anxiety. I'm going to check my cortisol and hormone levels as well.

Also I highly recommend yogi detox tea. That calms me down and helps me to sleep. I was waking up with panic attacks and tension headaches and drinking that tea several times a day completely stopped that.
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replied April 12th, 2016
I'm 29 and also experience these symptoms, mostly dizziness/vertigo accompanied with neck pain and grating sound of bone in base of skull, lately I had spasms in my neck. I think I understand now what probably is causing it and hopes it would guide you guys in looking for treatment. I had check-ups with doctors and I'm not satisfied with the treatments as they only treat the symptoms and not the root cause.
These could be the causes:

1) Wrong posture/ forward head causes stress and tightening on your muscles especially your neck and back. Trigger points could form in the muscles causing pain and even vertigo or dizziness (search sternocleidomastoid muscle trigger points)(laevator scapulae sometimes causes grating sound of bones when tight)-trigger points must be treated along with correction of posture and exercises for stretching and strengthening. I use golf balls on my trigger points

2)Atlas subluxation - this can cause imbalanced skeletal structure and muscles as well as impingement of nerves and artery that could in turn result to pain, muscle spasms, vertigo and other conditions. I'm currently trying NUCCA chiropractor adjustment now and I think it's helping me to balance and heal my body once its in alignment

3) Nutritional deficiency - a lot of people are actually deficient in vitamin D3 and magnesium so I'm taking all of these with vitamin c and b-complex, it would be nice to add probiotics too and the usual healthy fruits and veggies
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replied May 26th, 2016
I have been experiencing very similar symptoms...this began in March. It just seemed to be a stiff neck, left and right muscle. Odd feeling in the head upon standing/like a pulling then it fades. The tightness seems to migrate to the shoulders or up the back of the neck to the nape area. Now it is May and I am still dealing. I have had 6 Chiro visits, but the last visit they used a TENS Unit for 11 minutes. Felt great while it was on me but the next day I thought I had a whiplash (which I had in 1987), wore the collar for about a week then tossed it aside and went on with life. After the TENS unit and chiro adjustment I went to the Dr, she said very stiff tight muscles, especially in the right side. Told me I have anxiety, now I do! Desk job for 18 years in front of a computer. I have adjusted the height. This neck issue is notably worse M-F, my job is extremely stressful, add to it I am almost 51, peri menopausal, haven't had panic attacks for years. Now its back and I am in counseling because I refuse the anti anxiety drugs.
I will be turning to yoga and my pilates reformer that is collecting dust. I plan to continue going to Chiro 1x per week. I wonder how this will be when I take a vacation in June, and my mattress is 9 years old, I agree with the poster that thinks this has something to do with sleep posture! So I will be looking for a new mattress as well. I am rambling I know, just good to know I am not alone. Hope everyone gets to feeling better soon!
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replied September 25th, 2016
Hi everyone, I have the same symptoms and it's really awkward. I feel off balance even when sitting and I have a desk job which makes it worst. I am on anti depressant medication for quite some time due to past case of anxiety (I only take 1 pill every 2 days). I feel tightness in the back of neck, heavy head and a rocking boat sensation. Hoping to get better soon as I don't want this to affect my life.
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replied September 26th, 2016
Hi. I have also been experiencing some of these same symptoms. I think it is Wi-Fi sickness. I tried turning off my Wi-Fi at home and noticed some relief. The next day when I plugged it back in I could actually feel it hit me like some crazy force field. I always keep it unplugged when I'm not using it. I can't hardly stand having it on anymore. I would love to hear anyone else's experience with this.
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replied October 20th, 2016
I have had the same problems described in previous posts. Dizziness at times, headaches, tightness in neck and shoulders causing medium to severe pain. I have now gone through 3 pillows in order to sleep. I sometimes cannot sleep on my right side due to getting vertigo and at times feel tired. After a year of dealing with pain,meds and bugging the hell out of my doctor for answers, he finally ruled I have myalgia, chronic myofascial pain syndrome, stress, anxiety. I now do acupuncture as much as possible which relieves my pain greatly. I have also change my diet to vegetarian and walk as part of my cardio which has given me more energy. Unfortunately, this is a condition that I will always have.
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replied December 15th, 2016
vertigo, anxiety, headache, this possibly a virus?
I am astounded so many people have the exact same symptoms as I had. The "attacks" have
lessened in the past two days. I'm going to share what I think it is. Yes, I've had neck problems before....I fell and broke my left arm, bones in my face and pelvis 6 years ago....but other than the accident and broken bones, there were no symptoms at the time. I was trying to figure out what happened to me about a month ago. Out of nowhere, I woke up dizzy. The room was spinning so badly that when I got out of bed, I nearly fell on the floor.
I felt drunk when I walked and could not put one foot in front of the other without shaking. My
other symptoms were extreme anxiety and head pain....I was having panic attacks, one after another. I tried to meditate and breathe slowly. I could not stop shaking. My eyes could focus clearly, but I could not walk straight or get rid of the dizziness. And then came the violent headaches...all day...pounding...whooshing sounds in my head....the sense that my head was too full and I was living outside of my body......My face scalp hurt...I was scared...I could feel a bit better if I lay down....but still, the room was spinning and I'd be too
scared to get up and walk..

I tried to make sense of these symptoms...Everywhere I went online, I kept reading about people having the same problems...Was it a virus? If so, what?

And then I started reading about herpes viruses...I did have Lyme disease twice many years ago. I did have fibromyalgia....but these things were not keeping me from functioning...I was
living with these two conditions without feeling challenged..And certainly nothing was like this.

Now, I was panicked...almost unable to eat I was so shaky....and rather wired rather than tired.
I did sleep well at night. In fact, sleeping all night was my only sense of calm....but the second
I woke up....back came every symptom...especially the anxiety...

I decided to treat this like a virus....I gave it a name...It was either Epstein Barr Virus which is
a herpes virus (and we've ALL had a form of herpes virus in our lifetimes)....These viruses can
be can trigger and flare up...or it was a HHV 6.....which I had about 30 years ago...

I also remembered that chocolate which is high in an amino acid called arginine is the opposing amino acid to lysine. People who have cold sores have a virus....a type of herpes
virus and they're given lysine to quiet that virus. If people with a herpes virus start eating a lot
of nuts, chocolate, coffee and other foods high in arginine....they are basically feeding their
virus..I had chocolate a few times last, nuts...things I know are bad for viruses...but it didn't dawn upon me that these symptoms could be a virus...

So I decided to believe this notion....I had some sort of herpes virus....It was likely in my
nervous system....spinal cord....brain stem....Mind you, I don't KNOW this to be fact....My
intuition told me this is what was wrong...

For the past two days, I made sure to eat ZERO foods high in arginine...No nuts, no coffee...nothing that feeds a herpes virus...

At the same time, every few hours I took lysine...pill hopefully kill this virus....Took about 6 pills today in divided doses...Also took olive leaf extract...It kills viruses....Also took Lauricidin...It's from coconuts... it helps the virus disintegrate....It's tiny little pellets....I took very little because it's very potent.

I have Sovereign Silver in a bottle with a dropper top. I squirted this down my throat about
4 times today...One dropperful...I figure 4 different types of viral killers can't do me harm.

I notice one very important thing.

My neck is no longer stiff...It's not killing me like it was for the past month. My osteopath has
adjusted me 4 times with no results....but 2 days on a viral protocol....I think I'm making

I can't say for sure this is the "cure"....but it's very odd that so many people have the exact
same symptoms....and WHY the anxiety? WHY the stiff neck in addition to vertigo?

I didn't have fever....Except for feeling totally incapacitated....I did not feel ill...

At first I thought this was an adrenal disorder....but alternate nostril breathing did not calm me.

And what was this horrible head pain?

I say it's a virus and I think everyone here should try and treat it as such. I don't think viruses
like this show up easily on lab testing....unless a doctor knows what to check for.

I'm just very intuitive and generally can "read" my symptoms...I hope I'm right....because if
I'm not, I will be feeling very desperate....So far, every time I think any symptom is coming back, I take all my anti viral supplements again...Today I was slightly nauseous....but right now,
it's gone away...

I hope you all start to feel better. If this works, I will come back and share more..

So, this is the morning after I wrote this.
Woke up weak, dizzy and gasping for breath. More panic.
Went into the kitchen, took colloidal silver, an anxiety homeopathic remedy....drank water.

Twenty minutes later, thinking I felt better, I sat up in bed and drank a lot of water.

Dizzy again....crazy dizzy.

I then decided SALT....I put some pink salt on my tongue. Room stopped spinning.
Conclusion is I'm dehydrated or seriously lacking salt and other minerals.

Today. trying EmergenC...which is an electrolyte formula.

I don't think any of us are sick. We are either fighting a post viral syndrome...or are
seriously lacking in nutrients. At first I thought I was toxic....but no...why would salt be
helpful? Almost immediately....

I'm still working on this. I'm so far today, able to find solutions....they don't last but I feel
I'm getting closer to an answer.
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replied December 19th, 2016
I'm responding after reading all of these posts because I woke up one morning a month ago
with the room spinning so badly I couldn't walk straight nor could I balance myself on two legs. I've tried everything I know of to deal with this. My osteopath who I saw a week ago
insists this is anxiety. I was having problems breathing OUT although I could take in air
easily...I felt this was something that was happening to me when I was asleep....but the I'd
go into sheer panic attacks thinking there was something seriously wrong with me...I've
beaten breast cancer 5 years ago and didn't think I was dealing with brain cancer....but thoughts like that were pervasive in my much so, I managed to elevate the panic
and imagine myself dying...My osteopath insisted this was a tight stiff neck and when I was
lying down I likely put myself in a fight or flight pattern because of the way I was breathing
so shallowly....

I then decided "no, maybe I have an ear infection"....I took all sorts of natural products for
viruses....olive leaf extract....echinacea....and one day I thought "I almost feel better" but
the next day woke up dizzy, again.

It's now over 5 weeks since my first dizziness attack....It lasted until I saw the osteopath....
so he did help fix something...

But the panic attacks....Gasping for air....shaking, scared....what WAS that?

It was likely fear that something was very wrong....I should have kept repeating to myself
"this is only anxiety"....If any one of us were actually sick, wouldn't a doctor have found the
cause? If blood was taken, doesn't something show up as pathogenic? Don't MRIs?

Nothing shows maybe nothing is wrong.

I googled anxiety....I did alternate nostril breathing....sometimes for 40 minutes at a time...
I got on my exercise bike and pedaled for 20 minutes....I wanted to try and force my body to
breathe OUT...get winded enough to exercise the muscles in my chest that were obviously
not moving enough....forcing me to have more air IN and less air go OUT....People who
breathe in too much air often hyperventilate....Maybe I was doing that and didn't realize it.

I got into bed last night and literally willed myself to wake up feeling perfectly normal.
I found a bottle of Dr. Garber's "anxiety" formula....a homeopathic remedy in my stash of

I took this supplement first thing this AM....No dizziness.....and no panic.

Oh, I forgot to mention....headaches that would pound my head like crazy if I stood up after
sitting....I inadvertently gave myself "another" that clearly isn't true.

This IS anxiety....because the anxiety homeopathic remedy worked and worked quickly...

Now, whether I thought I was stressed is fairly irrelevant....the reality is I wasn't breathing
properly due to my faulty thoughts.

Yes, I've had Lyme disease twice before... I'm female, age 74 and this is NOT Lyme disease.
I know the feeling....this is absolutely NOT Lyme...

This is classic anxiety....nothing more...

All of you who are freaking out and sure you're close to dying....please trust me on this.

Buy a bottle of Dr. Garber's Anxiety homeopathic remedy on Amazon and try it...
And take ginger if you're nauseous....Put a heating pad on your neck if it hurts. (Mine still does) I also took a Migrane supplement from Native Remedies.

I tried so many different things...

But best was youtube videos for meditation and relaxation.
I wrote "anxiety" on a youtube search....and listened to many calming videos.

Also listen to what you're telling yourself. Today I walked around saying to myself
"you are okay....breathe slowly....don't breathe IN too deeply....blow OUT...."

Remember, mothers in childbirth trying to stop pain PANT....they aren't sucking in tons of

I hope this helps at least one person...I certainly didn't suffer for all these weeks for nothing.

Feel well everyone...So far, I'm feeling fine today....and it's about to rain or snow...It's
not a humidity problem nor an ear problem,....unless your doctor says it is...It's JUST
anxiety....really BAD anxiety...We are not ill...
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replied December 20th, 2016
I want to update my last post...Do any of you realize a lot of these identical symptoms
are the signs of magnesium deficiency? In the middle of a panic attack and severe neck and
head pain this morning, I grabbed a bottle of topical magnesium and poured some right on
top of my head...rubbed it down my arms, torso, legs and just sat and waited. Within 20
minutes, I could turn my head...the pounding in my head resolved (somewhat) although now
it's gone...Please check out Ancient Minerals....Dr. Sircus explains the magnesium deficiency
symptoms and many testimonials have stated that this was the solution for so many people....

I'm not saying that nobody has another condition....but how many of you even realize you
could JUST have a severe magnesium deficiency...Doctors don't test for magnesium....but
if you try it and it works, then you know WHY you've been dizzy, off balance, have neck
pain...Your muscles have gone into spasm.....and mentally, you start to panic....All signs
of a long lasting magnesium deficiency.

I tried to take magnesium pills but they take too long to work. Daily use of magnesium
spray or magnesium cream has literally given me my sanity back...

I've thought my symptoms were 20 different things and I kept posting until today, I tried
the magnesium spray and I felt SO much better....fairly quickly. Magnesium is easily
absent in our diets.....

Just sharing with the best of my intentions..If this works for anyone, I will feel really good
about helping you guys.
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replied January 19th, 2017
Well first i want to say all this is interesting and sorry to those that are going through this.although i believe some of these symptoms are anxiety related, i also believe it might be a neck muscle called the sternocleido mastoid that can be affected through different activities like but not limited to laughing crying or lifting heavy things .it's a muscle that's involved in our sense of balance as can be affected when we laugh cry sing cough or do anything that can strain it .for example, i find it interesting how many people that cry usually after complain of headaches dizziness lightheadness cough sneezing sinus issues neck pain headaches around the head like temples behimd the head or as one person described it like a band around the head eye pain behind eyes or tender scalp pain. That reminds me .i remember reading about this one girl that said she was crying because of her ex bf and then she felt like a pulse in the back of her head.its interesting how these are the same symptoms that are involved when one strains the sternocleidomastoid and similar symptoms that i hear you guys complaining about .which makes me believe is theres a connection of some sort.from what i mentioned above go on yahoo and search i was crying and now i feel dizzy for example or now i was crying and now my neck hurts for example to see what im talking about .then type sternocleidomastoid strain keyword your own research.the reason why i've done so much reading is because something happened to someone i know and i started trying to research when i came across many ppls posts on the internet with very similar symptoms and tried to connect the puzzle (still trying to connect the whole puzzle).I remember i was reading a while back about ppl waking up light headed after a night of heavy drinking hmmm or reading about two girls that developed headaches and dizziness after going on a starving diet .is there a connection between what we eat or what we put in our stomachs and our head as well .and why do we wake up with headaches after a night of drinking is it dehydration or are certain muscles involved that contribute to our hangover headache hmm.?why do ppl have similar symptoms and no ones knows whats up ?why do people that cry have similar symptoms to stercleidomastoid strain symptoms? interesting connection i also kinda wonder is why do some people get headaches after coughing or laughing.well whats coughing ?isn't that like something with the respiratory system something with air leaving or forcing irritants out of the lungs.i decided to research a little about the respiratory system and i found out how the sternocleidomastoid muscle plays a role in the respiratory system as assists along with another pair of neck muscles called i believe the scalenes in lifting the rib cage when the demand for respiration grows mostly by lifting the rib cage.when i read this i was able to make a connection of how the SCM is involved or gets strained during crying and coughing.when one cries especially cries hard our breathing is not normal anymore and speeds up requiring scalene and sternocleidomastoid to become active and straining them if for coughing do we strain the SCM when we cough hard too? is that what causes the headaches?i also found it interesting how many ofthe people suffering from dizziness ligheadedness were women.was it because they tend to cry more often andmaybe straining weakening their SCM over time.i made more connections that i cant remember at this moment and i already wrote too alot on thispost dont want to bore you guys lol.hope this gets whoever reads this thinking. Although this is what i believe and i don't claim to know everything this is what i think.i might be wrong but this is what i think might be whats wrong with some people.i also want to say i got this gift from my dad a while back when i was having some health issues that really helped was sorta a massage bed with FAR Infrared heat which is said to help with your immune system i believe some saunas have this but it has to be far infrared heat and some places even offer the bed service for a detoxifies and guys should give it a shot .let me know i it helped you guys please with your problem (: i know its good for your whole body including your spine peace brothers
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replied March 1st, 2017
I had exactly the same symptoms and it was driving me crazy not knowing what was wrong with me.
I was totally off balance, dizzy, nauseas, headache behind my left ear.
I was treated for Vertigo, Virus and all sorts.
Then FINALLY a doctor told me I had a inflamation in neck muscle. Gave me a anti-inflammatory injection.
INSTANT RELIEF!!! Never felt better, I finally felt like a normal person again.
Maybe this will help someone too. Worth a try
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