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Tight muscles in lower abdomen, nauseous, mood swings...

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So, my boyfriend pointed out I had like tight muscles in my lower abdomen right about where my cramps normally are, I have been nauseous the past few days and period isn't due for another week or so, I normally don't pms this early and it's not like cramping it is a totally different feeling, almost like when you sprain a muscle. I have been bloated lately also, the pain and tightness is consistent, but I think I might try putting some heat on it so I can fall asleep. I have been woken up by the tightness also. I have been taking my birth control, didn't miss one pill. I am only 17 years old, I have been having mood swings like mad crazy and those happen out of nowhere, one second I will be happy and laughing, the next minute I will be sad and crying, no idea why. I have been having really bad headaches too, I don't know if they are all related or what, I have had a UTI before and this feels totally different. I haven't been exercising more then normal, just walking or jogging like normal. Any and all help is welcomed!
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replied February 26th, 2013
I have the exact same thing, only I'm a bit younger, the only thing I can say is that maybe you should take a "test" cuz the pill isn't 100% and it never hurt's to make sure. Don't freak tho I hope everything works out
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