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Tight Foreskin.

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I didnt see any forums for teens so i posted here i am 15.

I have always wondered about my foreskin and knew there was something wrong but until i got to the age of around 13 i had not done any research on what it could be. When I was about 11 when i had just hit puberty i started thinking about it and messing around with my foreskin(which at the time was extremely tight and i couldn't even pull it to see the tip of my penis). I found that if i sort of rolled it back i could see the tip of my penis, I was sort of excited about this and did it quite often till i could just pull it down quite hard and see the tip. Then I left it for a while until i got to about 13-14 and i got bothered about not being able to fully retract my foreskin, i googled tight foreskin and found out about two options Circumcision or Stretching the foreskin, now there is no way i will have a circumcision since i have a really bad phobia of needles and i would rather keep my foreskin. I started searching for different stretching methods and found the most popular was pulling both sides sort of like outwards till it feels comfortably stretched but not hurting. Unfortunatly when i first found out about this i could not do it since my foreskin was not streched out enough so i continued playing around until i could finally do it which was around 10 months ago. Once i could do it i did it often and i was seeing results but then due to my family being around more often and sharing a room i could not do it often only like for 5mins in the bath and at that point everything went pretty tight again i can still do the stretching but i dont see results any more and after a while hurts i stopped for awhile to allow healing if it was needed and stated again but same problem.

is there any advice that some one could give me please.
also i am not prepared to tell anyone about this problem so dont suggest going to the doctors or speaking to my parents etc i wont do it.

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replied October 4th, 2011
Community Volunteer
You really need to seek your doctor who can prescribe
a steroid cream to help you stretch the skin and this should elevate the pain while you stretch.
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replied February 12th, 2012
remember, a conservative approach is best for uncomplicated tight foreskin. Your pharmacist can advise on a foreskin soap, foreskin stretching cream that is not a prescription but rather regularly used oversees for tight foreskins and has natural anti-inflammatory properties without the side effects of medical grade also should seriously consider a balloon stretcher. This is widely used in India and China where good quality surgery is prohibitively expensive for the average person. I suggest you discuss with you doctor or pharmacist, the balloon stretcher and also alternative creams and soaps to assist with your tight foreskin. If all else fails you have a surgical option, but that should be you last resort...
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