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Tibial Rod Removal I was walking straight after surgery.

I broke my Tibia and Fibia playing football after suffering a bad tackle. I had a tibial rod inserted
Inside my tibia and had 2 screws near the top below my knee and 2 above ankle. I healed fine and the rod didn't cause me any issues other than the fact I could feel the two nails at the ankle and on the odd occasion if I landed on the bad leg jumping from the 4th stair step I could sometimes feel something is inside me. Anyway I decided I would get this rod/nails removed since the doctor said it's better in the long term and also it would be more complicated if same leg broke with the rod inside. Since I'm only 28 the marrow (I've been told) should grow back within 6-8 weeks. I'm looking forward to going back into competitive football in the next 4 weeks.

My advice to all of you is if the doctor suggests taking the rod out take it out! I was walking straight after surgery. The bone has already healed so the only annoying thing was were they cut me to take the rod out. Even that wasn't bad, I took 2 pain killers in the first 2 days and I didn't need it after that. Wounds have healed fine- I highly recommend doing this procedure.

Good luck
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replied October 17th, 2014
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Soccerinjury - Good to hear how well things are going for you! Most hardware generally is removed once things have healed up, but generally the IM Nail is not. I ended up having my screws removed because the lower ones were pushing so badly on the Achilles tendon; I was miserable and unable to flex my ankle. Once they were removed, that particular problem was eliminated, but I still was in a lot of pain, and walking was extremely painful.

After 14 months post-accident, my doctor whom was very adamant about leaving the nail in, unless there was a medical urgency, came up to me and stated “It’s time.” I was in so much pain, the whole tibia constantly ached, and I couldn’t hardly walk.

I went in and had the nail removed. Even though the first few days I was in a lot of pain just from getting that nail yanked out, I felt totally different. 5 days post, no crutches, and I was walking almost normal. All the pain and stomach problems I was having since my accident were gone.

I’m almost two months since my nail removal surgery, and I feel great! I still have pain, but it’s not the whole tibia aching like before. I’ve been told because of how bad my accident was, and how bad my leg was injured I most likely will have some issues indefinitely.

My doctor thinks I was having an allergy to the metal, and feels it’s rare especially with the titanium material, but with how well I’m doing it’s probably what the problem was.

I wish you luck in your continued sports and again so happy you’re doing so well!

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