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Thyroid Problems- possible Hashimotos

Hi there,

If you look up the symptoms list for Hashimotos Disease you'd get a list that describes me. I have every single symptom and have had them for multiple years. I'm currently 19 and I'd say they started when I was 15/16. Hashimotos runs in my family so one day it just clicked with my mother after she brought my nanny to a doctors appointment(she has Hashimotos). I first went to the doctor about it about a year ago and they said they'd do blood tests and then 3 months later and then a 3rd set 3 months later again just to make sure of the diagnosis. Even though my doctor was certain I had it. The first set came back with my TSH levels low, then the second they were normal and the 3rd low again. I get regular blood tests anyways because I am anaemic so my mam looked back on my old blood tests and my TSH levels have always been changing. They go for low to just about normal constantly but my doctor never did anything about it, he just said I was fine (he's a pretty useless doctor to be honest)
But I'm just wondering if anyone knows, could I still have a thyroid problem having all the symptoms of Hashimotos and having fluctuating TSH levels?

Please help me

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replied August 16th, 2015
Wrong forum, my mistake
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