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THYROID PROBLEM? Throat closing

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Ok so for the past year I have been having this feeling that my throat is closing up. It only happens on occasion and its not a "lump" feeling the back of my throat actually does this movement where it feels like its closing it only happens for a split second I feel like I cant breathe and then goes back to normal. Could this be a thyroid condition because thats where it happens is right in the area of where my thyroid. I check my pulse when it happens to see if my heart skips a beat and I can only count probably twice that it has palpitated or skipped a beat. When it happens it hurts and I just dont know what it is and its scaring the hell outta me! I do suffer from panic attack disorder which I'm taking meds that help me alot! but this feeling keeps coming back thats why I dont know if it has something to do with my disorder or not PLEASE HELP!!!!!!! Shocked
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replied July 2nd, 2009
Check to see if your thyroid feels enlarged on each side.I doubt it is a thyroid problem,sounds more like nerves and your on meds for panic disorder.Ask your dr. if this could be side effect of meds your taking.I wouldn't be overly concerned it sounds like nothing it only lasts for a second.Try drinking some ice water and see if that helps.
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