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Thyroid lump

During a routine neck examination that took place in November last year, my doctor found a lump in my thyroid gland. I had been suffering from a dry cough that manifested in viral laryngitis. Blood tests taken have shown that my thyroid function is normal and for a while I had no symptoms at all, but over the past few weeks I have been in pain. My sinuses are very painful, causing headaches and ear ache. The lymph nodes around my ears and in my throat are painful too. I also have a persistent pain in my right shoulder that just wont go away. I have no energy and am trying to stay positive, active and fit, but its difficult.

Common sense tells me that its okay, and that it may just be an infection, but the doctor has now ordered a biopsy and ultrasound and I'm worried. I am prone to lumps in lymph nodes around my neck and head. Two years ago i had a large lump under my collar bone that after a biopsy test proved to be benign. It turns out that on that ocassion, I had toxoplasmosis. Blood tests taken last year came back clear for this. Can people be prone to lumps on lymph glands? Is there anything i can do to ensure a healthy lymphatic system? I eat well, and in the past year have run five half marathons so i'm no couch potato. Should i be worried abouth this thyroid lump and subsequent aches and pains.
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replied January 27th, 2011
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Hi sassa1234....It is very possible that you could be prone to benign cysts...With this happening, there is always the freight of an infectious lump...My husband has had so many biopsies on cysts over the years that I doubt he has a clear limb...He, too, is prone to this happening.....

If you get worried, then have it checked out...IMO, there is nothing worse than not having peace of mind.....Take care...

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