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thyroid lab result

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my thyroid blood test is showing the following result
TSH - 1.37 microIU/ml
FT3 - 3.23pmol/l
FT4 - 16.23pmol/l

normal range is given below
TSH- 0.25-5 micro iu/ml
FT3 - 4-8.3 pmol/l
FT4 - 9-20 pmol/l

so FT3 is a little below normal am i having thyroidism?
my mom had hypothyroidism

replied June 27th, 2013
Hi there -

Did you happen to get your liver enzyme values during the test? I ask because a low T3 value may be caused by poor conversion of T4. That process happens in the liver, so if it isn't functioning ideally, that can be the culprit. It may be straight forward low production, but don't assume that. Also, find out if your Mom's treatment has been consistently effective - if there are major fluctuations, her issue may not be a straight forward production issue either. Hope this helps.

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replied June 29th, 2013
no.i didnt get any values.for the past 2 months i am having neck pain starting from the back of my head on the right side and also ear pain. i dont know whether if it is because of the cold eventhough the neck pain is reduced am i having slight throat irritation (not pain only irritation).so i went and doctor suggested me to take this test as my weight went from 56 kg to 47 in the past 1 year time. also i feel like something is there inside my throat.i dont know for sure. but i do had this feeling for the past 2 to 3 years.
my moms treatment was effective .its cured now.and she never had any liver problem
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