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Thyroid Disease? extremely tired and fatigued all day,

Over the past few months iv noticed iv been extremely tired and fatigued all day, even when getting 9 hours of sleep and then not being able to get to sleep until the early hours of the morning. Iv also had some extreme weight loss, going from 180 to 160 pounds in about 9 months without any change in my diet or life style. Iv also noticed my hands have been shaky, which iv been told is a symptom.

I know thyroid disease does run in my family as my grandmother had to have hers removed, and I did get some blood tests done earlier this year which showed my thyroid was being over active.

So do I have Thyroid Disease? Obviously I will be making an appointment with a doctor to make sure, but before I do I would like to know if I have the correct symptoms.
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replied July 4th, 2012
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I think the most important thing was that the blood test showed that your thyroid was overactive. What more proof do you need?

But yes, if your thyroid is overactive, you can have sleeplessness or lack of restful sleep, weight loss, and hand tremors. Some other symptoms can be heat intolerance, increased sweating, frequent bowel movements, difficulty concentrating, hair loss, and several other things. So go see an endocrinologist as soon as you can. It might take a few tries to get the thyroid suppression medication at the right level, but once it is, you should feel better and your weight should return to normal.
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