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Throwing up during period

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I'm 14 years old. And my mother is in Jamaica and i refuse to talk to my dad about this. This has only happened for the last 2 months, when i get my period it VERY bad cramps. I can't concentrate or do anything but lay down and cry. If i don't take any medicine i get nauseated and throw up seconds after, is this somewhat normal or should I go to a doctor? or do you have any idea what could be wrong. I've had my period since 4th grade.
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replied June 9th, 2010
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MissDestiny, It is not normal but it happens and it is not something you have to live with. Your doctor can treat this. It is most often does with birth control pills. Birth control pills can control PMS and PMDD.

Do you have an aunt, grand mother, older sister, teacher or school nurse you can talk to? Maybe one of your good friend's mom?

Best of luck.
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