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throbbing knees

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whhy is it that my knees keep me awake at night throbbing
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replied October 13th, 2011
Especially eHealthy

Without any information it is not possible to tell what is actually causing the throbbing. But, the reason that the throbbing is more of a problem at night, is that there is nothing to distract you.

When you are up and about, working, playing, whatever, you mind is elsewhere. But, once you go to bed, in the dark, it is just you and the pain. So, it seems to be magnified. There is nothing to distract you unfortunately.

That's basically why things hurt worse when you go to bed, or try to rest quietly during the day.

Some people find some soft music is helpful when trying to get to sleep. Or reading until you are quite sleepy. A hot bath or hot tub just before retiring for the night is often helpful.

Good luck.
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