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Throat sensation, anaphylaxis...

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I am not sure what this could be.

Four days ago, I took a liquid mineral,
and felt discomfort at the back of the throat,
which lasted for 6 hours.

Since, For the last few days, everything I eat,
causes a mild reaction of feeling as if something
is stuck at the back of the throat. When I drink water
if doesn't flow smoothly at the back of the throat.

When the doctor looks in, he said, there were no
swelling of windpipes, and that unlikely to have swelling
of bronchioles because I was not wheezing.

No wheezing, no chocking, nothing else.

I do suffer from mild allergies such as hives,
and sometimes, slight swelling under the chin
or the cheek, hardly noticeable. Tingles in the lips
and cheeks.

I am unable to take anhistamines etc, can't metabolize
meds. Epi-Pen may be the last resort in case of

Anyway, since I don't know what is the above,
I am not eating, till this is sorted out. Everything I try
to eat causes this reaction. It last for about six hours
before it goes down again.

Anyone who suffers from anaphylaxis, let me know
if this is how it starts but then lucky for me resolves,
or is it inflammation response of mucous on eating foods?
Or could it be some type of vagus nerve involving swallowing muscles?
It could be so many things, but it could also be some type of rare
allergic reaction..

Many thanks
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